I Should be Sleeping

S. before tonight’s game.

Our little knight.

E. as one of the wise men on his donkey.

I definitely should not begin writing a blog post at 11:00 at night, especially when I was up with little W. last night and then couldn’t get back to sleep for two hours. So I’m only going to write a little bit….

I’ve been on a search for new children’s Bibles. K. and C. love the bible storybooks we have and want me to read them several times per day, generally at lunch time, nap time, and once again at dinner. It is wonderful to see them learning and growing in the their understanding of God and his Word. It is amazing how many stories focus on obedience since it is a topic of great importance at our house on most days!

Today two new bible storybooks arrived from Amazon, one a used copy of an old Bible we got when H. was one, and the other a new one published by DK. I was also able to borrow a set of three volumes of another series from a friend, so we’ll use the old one at lunch, the borrowed set at nap time, and the DK Bible storybook at dinner time. I think the older kids will enjoy the DK one the most. The lunch time bible has questions following each story that I always ask K., C., and E. Often the answer to the question is “God”, such as “Who gave Jacob a new name?” E. figured out pretty quickly that there was a good chance that this was the correct answer, so now he yells out “GOD” at the end of each question. I try to ask him a question which fits this answer and than praise him for being such a good listener. He is amazingly cute.

A. turned 9 a little over a week ago and I have great intentions of posting some photos. The big excitement is that she got her ears pierced and she is thrilled. Today she had four teeth pulled that were causing her permanent teeth to pop up in odd places. We hope this will help with the crowding issues. We have a great relationship with our orthodontist who is amazing. The dentist who extracted A.’s teeth today told Russ that our orthodontist is the best in the world. When Russ agreed saying we really like him too, he countered with, “No, seriously, he is the best orthodontist in the world”. He has developed a unique bracket system that is changing the way that orthodontists practice. He is nearly two hours away, but we feel it is worth the trip – especially after H and MK’s orthodontic treatment culminated in complicated, expensive and traumatic jaw surgeries. We figured there had to be a better way!

Russ’s finger is healing well. He can remove the bandage now to shower. This morning MK came into our room while Russ still had the bandage off. When she saw the big green bead sticking out of the end of his finger (it is the end of the pin), as well as the place where the nail no longer exists, she got a bit squeamish. We are very thankful that the bone seems to be healing well now that it is stable.

Russ and I had the pleasure of watching S. play football tonight. His team is undefeated, which makes it especially fun. Friday night N.’s team will travel four hours each way to play a team in another state – crazy! I’ve suggested that he pack a blanket for the drive home. I. has his second X-country race on Saturday and it will be the first time I get to see him run since I was out of town for his first race. H. is preparing for her med school interview. MK got a perfect score on a literary criticism exam. A. is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. K. and C. dressed as twins today to go on an outing with our special friend. E. got to go along and was so excited, except when he got a little lost in the playland structure and our friend had to go in after him. W. is mastering “So big” and waving bye-bye.

Who could ask for more?


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  1. Cat & Mark
    October 4, 2007

    Sounds like things are going pretty great in your family! But busy!!!

    I hope Russ’s finger continues to heal well though – ouch!



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