Heart For Ethiopia

Kidist and Hana, the two lovely ladies who manage the Addis Kidan Guest House

Please vote for Heart for Ethiopia on the Ebay Giving Works contest. Ray and Lauralee are the missionaries who run the Addis Kidan Guest House, where we stayed on both of our trips to Ethiopia, as well as founders of the Addis Kidan church. Lauralee runs an Ebay bookstore that raises money for their work in Ethiopia. They are remarkable people who have given their lives to serve the people of Ethiopia.

Go to this link to see a short video clip about their work and vote for them (their clip is under the “non profit” section and is second from the left). You can vote once per day through January 28th, and as an extra bonus, each time you vote you will be entered in a sweepstakes for $1,000. If Heart for Ethiopia gets the most votes, they will awarded $5,000! The wells they dig for villages cost only $200 each, so you can imaging how far this money will go in their capable hands.

Here is their most recent newsletter:

This is a great day! God has answered our prayers. Heart for Ethiopia is a finalist in the EBay Giving Works contest. It is for EBay buyers and sellers who donate some or all of their profits to charity. We had to make a 60 second video clip which was quite a task but Uli did a great job. Three winners will receive $5000 for their charity. Winners will be chosen by vote of the EBay members. You can vote every day from January 11 to 28. In case you don’t recognize me, our clip is the second of 4 in the non-profit organization line. Please vote often and email your friends to vote. You can see the clips at

http://ebay.promotionexpert.com/givingworks/vote/index.html. An added bonus is that you will be entered into a $1000 sweepstakes every time you vote.

Another praise is that the well drilling is going forward. Ermias wrote that two wells were drilled the first week of January.

“This week was a week of digging. The second water well which we dug at Awash Belo in Ato Sorsa’s compound has attracted the attention of the community. All the community are using only that well for drinking. The chairman of the kebele (commune) has called me so many times and begged us to go and asked us excuse them for their first misinterest.

Yesterday I was there to dig the second well in this week. I saw a lady was taking water from a hand dug well. I went to her and I saw the well. It fell in on all sides but in the middle it had water. I saw the water and it was not clean. I asked her what they are using it for. She replied that they use it for cooking. When I asked about drinking she said, “There is one water pipe in our community. We use that for drinking.” The water she speaks about was the one we dug before.

Ato Sorsa’s wife also said “It is holy water. Since the time we got this water all our family has become healthy. We are grateful for your helping us to have this water.”

We have lots to be thankful for. Thursday we go to Ethiopia. Please pray for us and go and vote.

In His Hands, Lauralee and Ray Lindholm

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  1. Heidi Mehltretter
    January 19, 2008

    I love the light in this photo of our friends. It echos the light in the eyes and hearts of these two wonderful women whom I dearly love.

  2. Lori Smith
    January 29, 2008

    LISA! Did they win?! Pete and I voted every day…(I set it as my home page to remind me!)
    I am anxious to find out – but have no idea how to “check!” Let me know if you hear something.
    Love ya!


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