Favorite Games for Everyone

Games are a great way to gather with family and friends. I prefer fast-paced and word-oriented games. Russ likes board games involving strategy. Our kids like all kinds of games. With so much variety in our preferences, this post has games for everyone.

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Current Favorites

Our new favorite is Suspend. We played it a ton last Christmas and elementary-age kids to adults love it. It’s easy to grab and put on the table after dinner. We visited and talked about all kinds of things while we played.

Two other games we played after dinner were Bananagrams and Qwirkle.


Card Games

Card games are great because they’re simple to play and small to store. Some of our favorites are:


Dutch Blitz  or get the Expansion Pack for 8 players


You can never go wrong with Uno or Spot it!


More family favorites

HeadBanz is fun for all ages and always makes us laugh. Guess Who? is another great one. Other favorites are The Amazing Labyrinth, Connect4, Payday, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Clue, Jenga, and Blokus.


Games for big kids and adults

Ticket to Ride and Catan are big favorites with my crew.

Other games that hold my family’s attention are Risk, Stratego, Apples to Apples, Taboo, 7 WondersCarcassonne, Codenames, and Pandemic.

These are some of our favorites. What are yours?

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

With love,


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This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Let me introduce myself. Russ and I are the parents of twelve children by birth and adoption, and sometimes more through foster care. I'm the creator of One Thankful Mom which has been as much of a gift to me as to my readers. In 2011 I became a TBRI® Pracitioner* and have lived and breathed connected parenting ever since. I'm deeply honored to be the co-author, together with the late Dr. Karyn Purvis, of The Connected Parent; it is her final written work. I love speaking at events for adoptive and foster parents. I'm also the co-founder of The Adoption Connection, a podcast and resource site for adoptive moms. I mentor and encourage adoptive moms so you can find courage and hope in your journeys of loving your children well.


  1. Cindy
    November 15, 2018

    My grandchildren LOVE “Sorry” “Hi-Ho Cherrio ” and “Mancala.” They are also big fans of “Connect 4.”

    1. Lisa Qualls
      November 28, 2018

      My kids love Connect 4 also. I should have listed it!

  2. Christine Chatelain
    November 27, 2018

    We love bubble talk, Racko, deer in the heads lights a new one we found over thanksgiving was Smart A**. Though I do not like the name it it is a fun trivia game.

    1. Lisa Qualls
      November 28, 2018

      I haven’t heard of several of those games. Thanks, Christine!


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