Family Tasks for Christmas Break

Little Man helping me pack away Christmas decorations

If you come to my house, you will find this list posted on the refrigerator. Christmas break is winding down and the pace is picking up. Today we are packing away Christmas (with tears from Dimples and Eby) and making progress on “the list”.

Christmas Break Family Tasks

Dad: Replace kitchen faucet, repair dining room wall, recaulk tub and toilet, install drawer in kitchen

Mom: My list is too long to type, but begins with “Declutter file drawers” and ends with, “Sleep at least once before Christmas break ends”.

Sweet Pea: Clean and organize food cupboards. Declutter and organize little girls’ clothes.

Mimi: Paint main floor bathroom. Clean refrigerator and freezer.

Noah: Clean light fixtures and replace bulbs. Declutter and organize downstairs landing (mudroom).

Samuel: Repair broken drawer sliders in kitchen. Clean light fixtures with Noah.

Rusty: Organize garage pantry. Move all photos from memory cards to folders, and burn CDs.

Ladybug: Declutter toy cabinet in bedroom. Organize cabinet in family room. Clean kitchen cupboard doors and drawers, and counter tops.

Honeybee: Declutter and organize pen and phone book drawers in kitchen. Declutter toy cabinet in bedroom with Ladybug. Kitchen cupboards and counter tops with Ladybug.

Dimples and Boo: Clean baseboards on main floor. Clean door knobs and light switches.

Eby and Little Man: Help Dimples and Boo and generally try to be cute.

With so many of us living in a “not so big” house, there are always tasks to accomplish, but we aren’t able to do some of these more time-consuming jobs during school. I hope this will give the house a bit of a lift until we can tackle a few more things in the spring.


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  1. Paula
    January 3, 2009

    Eby and Little Man don’t even have to try to accomplish their goal… they’re always cute! 🙂

    I am so envious of your organizational skills.

  2. KT
    January 3, 2009

    My far the most organized person I know!!
    Your post motivated me, and our Christmas tree is down, everything is packed up. Now its just got to find its way to the attic….

  3. Cassc
    January 4, 2009

    your efficiently inspires me!! Although for me it’s too early to take down any Christmas decorations. I guess that is one of our Christmas Traditions- everything stays up until little Christmas on Jan 6th, sometimes we even commemorate the day with small gifts for the kids…

  4. A Quiver Full
    September 10, 2009

    What kind of floors do you have that you paint them? Very interesting. I have been reading all of your blog for the past few days. Love your journey. I told my daughte about filling up dimples heart. She has a little one that has an empty heart quite often.


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