Organizing Snow Gear – Mug Shots!

Eby's Snow Gear Mug Shot

With eleven kids over a span of 23 years, we’ve gathered loads of mittens, hats, and boots. ¬†We love hand-me-downs, and fortunately, we have friends who pass us great stuff. ¬†As the weather has grown colder, I’ve gotten out mittens and warm coats, but Monday’s snow forced me get serious. Russ hauled out the bins labeled, Snow Boots, Mittens and Hats, and Snow Pants¬†¬†and I sorted through grabbing anything that looked like it would currently fit one of my youngest six.

We often have problems with kids forgetting which mittens are theirs or even which boots ( Dimples, Sunshine, and Eby all wear nearly the same size).  This year Russ came up with a brilliant solution.

Love Home

It is absolutely lovely to be home today after traveling to and from Seattle. I look about my house and there is so much to be done. I don’t know about you, but when I’m gone, my work does not stop. I come home and my greatest temptation is to either begin dashing about trying to quickly set everything right, or criticize my family for not doing things the way I want them done. Neither of these responses is loving to the children, who have not seen me in a few days, or to Russ who has not only been doing his job, but carrying much of my load too.

Starting Over

Do you ever come home from vacation and feel like you don’t quite know where to begin? It’s Monday morning and I’m surrounded by laundry, wedding supplies, floors that haven’t been mopped since the reception, and lots of children. I want to blog, call a friend, do the easy tasks, but I need to jump in to the most daunting things first and get them out of the way.

We had a wonderful vacation on Whidbey Island followed by appointments in Seattle. My nine-year-old niece, Jujubee, is visiting for the week and she and Sunshine are sticking close together. ¬†If I can get enough done this morning, we’ll head to the pool this afternoon.

I’ll be back in the blogging groove soon. ¬†Thanks for not forgetting me!


100 Days…

…until Mimi and Andrew’s wedding day of July 17, 2010.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet Andrew’s family over Easter.¬† They flew up from San Antonio, Texas, to meet us and spend time with Mimi and Andrew.¬† We could not be more thankful for the second family God has given to Mimi.¬† They are wonderful and we are so pleased to have them as part of our extended family.

We talked about wedding plans, laughed over stories of our children, got a little teary about sharing holidays (maybe it was only me…), and searched for the perfect place for a rehearsal dinner.

Easter for a Crowd

Do you want to know how to host a big Easter gathering¬† in the midst of your already insanely busy life?¬† Keep it simple…keep it very, very simple.

We had between fifty and sixty people at our house on Sunday.¬† My family and Signe’s accounted for 24 people in the crowd; fortunately quite of few of them were small and didn’t require much space.¬† I have to confess that part of what I love about having a big crowded party is that nobody expects perfection.¬† Not many of us can host a sit-down dinner for fifty.¬† So what does feeding a crowd like this entail?¬† You may not be interested, but just in case you are

Just A Spoonful of Sugar…

Today I am blogging over at Grown in My Heart, about “What if Jesus Has HIV.” Go on over and take a look.

I have a little family tidbit to share.¬† Eby came home from Ethiopia with a good case of a scalp fungal infection.¬† We tried to treat it a few times, but it kept creeping back.¬† Then last winter, we noticed that Little Man had some bald spots on his head…as we looked closely, we could see the familiar fungus we knew and did not love.

Our doctor prescribed another medication for the boys which they would take for four to six weeks.  I talked with the pharmacist who was going to order it and she told me that the cash price for four weeks of meds for one of the boys was $1400; with our insurance, it was still several hundred.  When she asked