Catching Up and Power Snacks

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The Power Snacks are continuing to be a huge hit with Dimples and the other kids. They love them and are ready to make a new batch. Power Snacks are definitely helpful for catching Dimples’ hunger early – like the second she walks in the door from school. You can find the recipe here. Today she is snacking on chicken, which she has sprinkled with berbere, chili powder, tobasco sauce, and lemon pepper, and is eating Ethiopian style on top of a tortilla, a pitiful stand-in for injera, but the best I can do today.

I don’t tend to write about my big kids quite as often, so I’ll catch you up a little bit.

Mimi is crazy busy with her classes but most of all with working on an independent film project with two of her friends. They have formed a production company, and will be filming their original production, The Protagonist, over Spring Break. They hope to enter the film in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Last “night” she went to bed at 5:00AM, so she is a little bit tired.

Sweet Pea just found out that she was assigned her first choice for her summer rural rotation. She will spend four weeks in Montana working in a rural medical clinic. She hopes to get loads of experience – and maybe even catch a baby or two. I hope we’ll get to visit her!

Noah is doing great in his classes and has a nice circle of friends. Last weekend they baked chocolate chip cookies and then played with the Wii until late at night. We love having groups of kids here.

Samuel is turning out for track for the first time. He doesn’t know which events he will do, but he is running and today he is working out with the “jumpers”.

Rusty is busy completing the AHOPE Store and building a webpage for Mimi’s production company. He knows the blessing and curse of being the family’s “computer guy”.

Ladybug had a great piano recital last week – she is learning so quickly. Fortunately she even loves to practice and her music is a pleasure to hear.

This morning I ran while listening to Laura Story‘s, Great God Who Saves CD, which was a great way to start the day. Later I had a wonderful conversation with a prospective adoptive mom who is considering adopting an HIV+ child. Thanks T., it was great talking to you! The weather was reasonable, a warm 49 degrees, so Eby and Little Man played outside without their snow gear. Later we did our schoolwork at record speed so Boo could go ice skating with Ladybug and her friends.

The little girls just came through the door talking about a friend who is giving up chocolate for Lent. Boo said that she might give up something she really likes, to which Dimples replied, “I’m going to give up raisins, FOREVER.” I have a feeling she might be missing the point.

Have a great day.


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  1. Adrielle
    March 4, 2009

    Thanks for the update on the “big” cousins! Sounds like life is full and happy! Miss you all!


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