A Tiny Step Forward

We are home from our Thanksgiving journey to Seattle. Our time with family and friends was wonderful and included two turkey dinners, viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls, a Sonics game, sorting baby boy clothes to bring home, and lots of time visiting.

Today I received news that our dossier for K. is on its way to Ethiopia! We can’t wait to hear when our court date will be. We are working on her “welcome bag” photo album, which I hope to finish soon. Originally I planned to send her a t-shirt from Russ’s university, but decided to order a t-shirt with our family photo printed on it instead.

We are still waiting for information on the little boys and praying for clear, direct guidance from the Lord. I know that He will be faithful to lead us in this decision.

It was very sweet going through the baby boy clothes with my sister; these little guys seem more real and I can almost imagine holding them. One day they will be here with us.

Thank you for reading.

A Little Bit of News

I apologize for the silence. Thank you for continuing to check my blog to see if we have news to share.

We have been told about two little guys, but have very little information on them. Because of Thanksgiving (our case manager is out most of next week) it may be up to two weeks before we get enough information to make a decision. We are praying that the Lord will make it very clear to us whether or not these are our children.

I can share that they are both absolutely adorable and sweet.

This experience is completely unlike what I had expected. The emotions are intense and complex. At the moment, we have peace in our hearts and are trusting the Lord to make all things clear to us.

Thank you for praying for us.

Rejoicing in God's Goodness

Last weekend our niece got married. It was a lovely wedding as well as great family time. I stole these two photos from my sister-in-law’s blog, I hope you don’t mind Lori! Above you can see five of the lovely girl cousins at the reception. They have a wonderful, relationship and love to be together. My girls are the two tall ones in the middle, MK is on the left and H is on the right.

In other happy moments, yesterday we had our first snow! Russ and I went for an early morning walk. It was raining when we left, but twenty minutes later it began to snow. Before long the fields were covered and it was beautiful. In celebration of the first snow of the season, I made hot chocolate for the children. A. sipped hers from her favorite ladybug mug and Little Boo sipped from her “stripes and flowers” mug. The boys grabbed any mug they could find, just happy to have hot chocolate.

One more good thing to share: Melissa Fay Greene has started a blog that you might enjoy. I am glad for more opportunities to read her work.

Have a great weekend!

Maybe next week

I woke up at 4:12 AM when Little Boo climbed into bed next to me. In seconds I was hit with anxiety over the referral that hasn’t come, whether we are doing the right thing adding K. to our family, timing of trips to Ethiopia, and many other details. I tried to pray, to talk myself down, to sleep, and in the end I was reduced to the simplest of prayers, the ancient “Jesus Prayer”. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”. That was it, over and over, until I could relax and let the morning come, even if sleep didn’t.

Later in the morning I emailed Sue at CWA who told me that our case manager will not be back in the office until Monday. I almost cried with relief – not that I am happy that we won’t get our referral this week, but I’m glad to know that I can move out of “waiting on the edge of my seat” mode. I didn’t expect to feel this way. It is not that I must have these children and have them now, it is just that I want to know when I will have them. How soon is my life going to shift and change and become something new?

Little Boo and I went shopping this afternoon and picked out a small doll with long pink (yes, pink) hair for K. Apparently the little girls at her orphanage spend hours braiding the hair on their “My Little Ponies”, so we thought this would be a good variation on the theme. We also have a pony to send. At the craft store we bought a little photo album to begin working on. Most exciting to Boo was the purchase of a baby mobile that shines pretty images on the ceiling. It was on clearance and I couldn’t resist! If we don’t get a baby, I’ll have to let her have it on her bed, even if she is almost four.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and sticking with us through the wait. Waiting for the referral is just the beginning. Soon we’ll be waiting for a court date, then an embassy date, and then travel. I am quite sure that the Lord has serious lessons in this for me; perhaps I need to learn to be patient, to surrender my false perception of being in control, and to trust Him completely.

A Little Progress

Thank you to anybody who is checking my blog to see if I have news. I can hardly bring myself to post anything!

We have not gotten a referral for our little boys yet and it is difficult at times. Our case manager has returned from Ethiopia and I think that once she recovers from the trip and deals with some pressing issues, we will hear something. I am trying to tell myself that it will be next week….

The good news is that we are making progress on K’s adoption. Today we sent in our signed Child Placement Agreement along with Post Adoption paperwork. Soon we will get to send her a “welcome bag” with a small photo album of our family (15 photos), two small toys (total value not more than $10.00), a letter, a t-shirt from the University where Russ teaches and H. and MK. attend, and a disposable camera. The camera is used to take photos of her receiving our gifts and then mailed back to us.

Receiving the “welcome bag” is a significant moment for K. because she will learn that she is going to be adopted. What will it feel like for K. to learn that she has been “chosen”, that we love her and want to make her our daughter? At the age of five, how long will it take her to realize that she will be leaving her home, even if it is an orphanage, and her friends and nannies who have become her family?

Adoption is filled with so much joy and sorrow intertwined; I find it difficult to resolve the two.

I hope to have something more to share soon.

No News is…..

…well, just no news. Apparently no referrals have been going out, so we continue to wait. The good news is that life is so busy that I don’t have time to mope about it.

My friend and her children are here visiting from Colorado, so we are filling our days with lots of activity.

Here are a few recent photos:

S. and N. in their football jerseys.

Russ and A. carving a pumpkin

K.’s sweet boy, “Mr. Busy”

Here are our collective children on a field trip to the Nez Perce National Historic Park. We had a great time learning about Nez Perce history and culture. It was especially fun for the girls to see the area and artifacts from the culture of Kaya, the American Girl doll.
Here is Miss E. overlooking the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake rivers – doing a little Lewis and Clark research.

I hope to have some news to share soon, but I’m not going to guess when it might be. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

Thank you for reading.