Birthday Girl – #2

C. and S. at dinner.
H., A., and C. with the new D. (preserving anonymity for Dora) doll – a big hit.

My family – they make my heart happy.

C. dancing with N. and MK.

Can you tell that Russ just told me that he thinks I should continue to abbreviate the kids’ names for when I put my blog back out on Blogspot? He is right that it will be a lot of work to edit it later – so I guess I’m back to initials.

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Birthday Girl

Our family tradition is to let the children choose a “sweet cereal” for their birthday morning. Here is Boo with her favorite.

Boo was born in our local hospital with Russ, Hannah, and Mimi there to catch her (with a little help from our doctor) and my Mom holding my hand. As soon as she was born, before we even looked to see if she was a boy or girl, the rest of the family came in and we all peeked together to see that we had a little girl. We came home from the hospital a few hours later with her in this stocking and the little Santa hat on her head.

Our children always frost and decorate their own cakes.

Rusty and Ladybug made this birthday hat for Boo. More photos to come in my next post (I can’t figure out how to post more than four at a time).
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Four Things I love about my Four Year Old

Boo is four today! At the moment she is still tucked in my bed, where she seems to be most mornings. She has chosen homemade pizza for her dinner and chocolate cake for dessert.

Here are four things I love about Boo:

1. She is very generous with her hugs and kisses and tells me she loves me at least once every day, often saying, “I love you so, so much!”

2. She likes to go anywhere Russ or I go, whether it is to the grocery store or to get grain for the cows (that is Russ’ job).

3. She loves to sing and “play” the piano.

4. She loves playdough and doing anything in the kitchen with me, and best of all, she likes to unload the dishwasher.

We give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with this precious daughter!

I’ll post some photos later today.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to our friends and family!

I have been waiting to post an update until we had news of Dimples’s court date, but despite checking my email numerous times this morning, we have not heard when it will be. We were told that her “welcome bag” will be carried to Ethiopia on Dec. 30th, so she will receive the news of having a family right before her Christmas, which is Jan. 7th. I wish I could be there to see her sweet face.

Our case manager for Eby and Little Man emailed this week:

Yes, the boys are in Addis. I was told they were great travelers! It’s not an easy trip from Wolita so that’s saying something!

Dagne will get the boys to the Addis clinic as soon as possible. As soon as their results are ready, I will receive e-mailed copies to give you. If nothing comes up to delay the referrals, he will then take the cases to the court registrar as soon as possible to get a court date assigned. Normally the court date is scheduled for 10-15 days later.

Right now much depends on how quickly the kids can get in and out of the clinic and we can get results. I’ll ask about your case tomorrow when I call Dagne.

We should be used to waiting, but it is still difficult. We are growing more and more attached to our children and want to know so much about them.

If you got our Christmas letter and are reading the blog for the first time, thank you for stopping by. I have found that this is the most efficient means of keeping everyone up on our progress.

Have a very merry Christmas! Keep in touch.


We've Moved (our blog)

Thanks for finding us at our new location. Now that this is a private blog, I have a little more freedom to share about our children.

I have quite a bit of new adoption news!


We just received word that Dimples’s documents have been submitted to court in Ethiopia. We are praying that she will be assigned a court date in December, but if not it will be early January. Once we have a successful court date, Dimples will legally be our daughter! Then an appointment will be scheduled with the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia. Due to paperwork issues, we will travel to get her approximately two months after her embassy appointment.

We just mailed her “welcome bag” to AAI yesterday. One of their volunteers will carry it over to Ethiopia and a staff member will give it to her. It is a very big deal for the children. One of the items we were asked to include is a disposable camera which will be used to take photos of her receiving her bag. I included a small scrapbook with family photos; on the cover a friend wrote in beautiful calligraphy, “Dimples Q” and painted a small flower. It looks lovely. Then we had a t-shirt printed with our family photo and the words “We Love Dimples” underneath. Almost as exciting was a Strawberry Shortcake doll with long pink hair and a small pony.

We hope to hear about Dimples’s court date by next week.

Eby and Little Man

The boys have been together in an orphanage in Soddo, which is south of Addis Ababa. As children get moved through the system and toward their adoptions, they are moved to the orphanage in Addis. There they have more thorough medical exams prior to court dates and embassy dates. Parents wait to hear the news that their children have been moved to Addis because it means they are moving toward a court date.

We were told that our boys would not be moved for awhile because there were too many children in the home in Addis. As parents travel to get their children, space is created so other children can move up. We were prepared to wait. Apparently, due to miscommunication between the U.S. office and Addis, our boys were moved to Addis this week. We are thrilled, but also feel badly that we were moved ahead of other families. (Joy, if you read this, I hope your little one was moved, too!)

Now we will wait to hear more about them. We are hoping for more photos and better medical information. I also want to make a small photo album for Eby to have a traveling family carry over for us.

In family news, today is the last day of finals! Russ was up late madly grading final exams for his large class. He is giving another final today. Hannah had her last two finals yesterday. Mimi is frantically finishing a paper. The younger set is still working, but the schedule is easing. We are having “teacher/student conferences” next week to assess what needs to be completed before break and to prepare for beginning our studies in January.

Please leave me a comment so I know that this is all working. Special thanks to Nathan who actually knew how to move my blog to a private site but still have it be a blogger blog. I really didn’t want to start over.

I hope to have more news to share soon!