AHOPE: Remembering Amelezeud

Amelezeud Gashaw
Amelezeud Gashaw was 11 years old when admitted to AHOPE Ethiopia with her two younger brothers. Beautiful and talented, she was a leader among the children, always ready to help whenever needed.

She was also an excellent student, earning top grades despite her frequent absences from school due to illness. She learned to speak fluent English as well as her native Amharic despite a hearing loss due to complications from AIDS.

The world lost a child of great promise when Amelezeud Gashaw died of AIDS at age 13 in September 2005, just as anti-retro-viral medications finally arrived at AHOPE Ethiopia, but too late to help her.
Amelezeud is a legend amongst AHOPE supporters and the staff in Ethiopia. Her life, in my opinion, speaks volumes to the importance of AHOPE and orphan care in general. She had many dreams and although they were not realized, her life has come to mean so much to so many.

In her own words:

“After I graduate, I want to be a professor of mathematics. In our country there are not many women pilots, so I may want to be a pilot. I want to learn quickly and I want to grow up. In the future, I want to live in my family’s house. I want to build my older brother a villa and to plant flowers on the gate to make it beautiful. I want to help children without families, like me. I am going to tell them that I like them, and help them the way Mimi and Bibi help me. More than anything, I like to read history books. This makes my life happy” (Greene 213).

AHOPE for Children is honoring Amelezeud with the next memorial bracelet. We respectfully ask that you join us in honoring this incredible child by wearing her bracelet. They can be purchased for a donation of $15.00 at http://www.ahopestore.org/. Proceeds benefit the children of AHOPE – Ethiopia.

Please feel free to promote the new bracelets on blogs or through email. Thank you very much for your support of the AHOPE Store and making it such a successful project! For any questions please feel free to contact me at store@ahopeforchildren.org.

A special thank you to my AHOPE coworker and friend, Marissa, who wrote this wonderful post. Feel free to copy it on your blogs or share in your own words.

(P.S. You may notice that Amelezeud’s name is spelled differently on the bracelet than in this post. Because Amharic has it’s own alphabet, names that are translated into English are often spelled with many variations. The spelling on the bracelet was taken from one document, while the spelling on the photo and materials you receive when you order a bracelet was taken from another. We are chocking it up to the unique experience of working with names that have so many variations.)

Greene, Melissa Fay. There is No Me Without You. New York: Bloomsbury USA, 2006.

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  1. Ann
    January 31, 2009

    No words, just tears.

  2. alisafmartin@yahoo.com
    January 31, 2009

    Oh, I cherish the world of blogging…I found your blog through someone who left a post on ours. Your amazing, beautiful family & posts have been a tremendous enouragement to me this morning — we have our first CD on Monday (2/2) to bring our first son home from Ethiopia. We are anxious & prayerful — but resting in God's faithfulness…He NEVER disappoints!!
    Many blessings to you!
    Alisa Martin


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