Easter Weekend

Honeybee with her friend Jubilee

Our science class field trip to Seattle was great. We got home late Wednesday night after three full days of educational fun. On Monday we drove to Seattle and went directly to the Seattle Aquarium where we got a behind the scenes tour and enjoyed the exhibits. Tuesday was spent at the Woodland Park Zoo, which was probably my favorite, although it was very cold, so it was a little bit harder to enjoy than usual. Wednesday we hit the Seattle Science Center; which was Ladybug’s favorite.

The kids were all happy, well-behaved, and fun to be with. I grew up near Seattle, so I was able to experience these places as a child, but many of the girls were seeing it all for the first time. They took it all in and enjoyed every minute of it…except perhaps the long drive to Seattle and back.

Thursday our future son-in-law’s family arrived from Texas for a visit. We had spoken on the phone but not met in person. They are just as wonderful as we hoped and we look forward to many years of sweet friendship with them. I was struck by the knowledge that we will share grandchildren with them and it will be wonderful for our children and grandchildren to have us be a happy extended family.

Now I am catching my breath and making a big list of all that needs to be accomplished for this special Easter weekend. We have a Good Friday service at 6:00 followed by dinner that I need to have cooking before we leave. Saturday we are celebrating Andrew and Mimi’s 21st birthdays – Andrew’s is the 8th. Sunday we are hosting a potluck after our Easter service.

I’m feeling behind and not quite organized. Remember those special Easter dresses…definitely not happening. My goals are small:  color Easter eggs with the kids, put together baskets, plan a simple birthday for Andrew and Mimi, get lots of groceries, and cook lots of good meals.  I’m praying for health in the midst of it all.

I hope you have a wonderful, glorious Easter and I’ll see you next week!



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  1. Laura
    April 3, 2010

    Do you remember when we took our kids to the Science Center and H, Mimi, and Drew all rode that bike. They thought they were so grown up and cool! I was thinking of how cold you all were on Tuesday, but knowing you the plans did not change and off you went to see the animals! Glad you had a great time.

    1. OneThankfulmom
      April 3, 2010

      When I was taking the picture of Ladybug, I remembered the ones I have of the three other kids. It was fun to have a child so excited about it again. Yes, it was freezing at the zoo!

  2. Eileen
    April 3, 2010

    We missed you by one day! We were at the Science Center on Tuesday. So much fun. My big kids went to the IMAX to see the Hubble 3-D and are still raving about it.

  3. Elizabeth
    April 9, 2010

    Julia and I had such a nice time with you guys at the Science Center! Thank you for including us!! Love you!!


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