15 Texts for a Grieving Friend


I’m not an authority on grief. In fact, I’m stumbling through it most of the time.

We lost our daughter, Kalkidan, in a terrible car accident; she was 13 years old. This traumatic loss has been unbelievably hard on our family.

Our faith in God and the support of family and friends have kept us going each day. Just last week, when I was overwhelmed with sorrow, a sweet friend came by with flowers, a colorful balloon, and a mocha.

Many days I want to be alone, and I’m often hesitant to answer the phone, but texts are easy to receive. If you have a friend in the midst of a difficult time, a few simple words might be just what she needs.

Mom, Dad, Kalkidan

Here are 15 texts she might like to receive.

1. You are on my mind today.

2. I’m thinking of your child and how much she made me smile.

3. I’m on my way over to drop off dinner. I’ll leave it on the porch if you don’t answer the door.

4. How is your heart today? Would you like me to stop by?

5. I prayed for you this morning.

6. I’m wearing orange (or another color) today and remembering your child. (Orange was Kalkidan’s favorite color.)

7. Can I help you address thank you notes?

8. I have your child’s picture on my refrigerator and think of your family often.

9. Would you like me to pick up the extra vases from flowers that were delivered and donate them for you?

10. I’m running errands. What can I pick up for you?

11. Is there something I can help you do in memory of your child?

12. I’d like to have your kids over Friday night so you can have time with your husband (or alone).

13. We ate the spiciest food last night and all I could think about is how much your child would have liked it. (Kalkidan loved spicy food – other children might like tangy foods or something else.)

14. I read this verse and thought it might encourage you.

15. I know this is hard for you – and I care about you.

We worry so much about saying the wrong thing, that we often say nothing at all. Send a text and let your friend know you care.

cross tulips
the roadside cross where we remember kalkidan

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