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I woke up early this morning with my mind (and heart) racing over all I need to accomplish.  I am seriously questioning everything I have committed myself to do this week.  Today holds an eye exam, homeschooling, piano and art lessons, Dimples’ geography bee, all followed by the drive to Coeur d’Alene for therapy and a trip to Costco.  I’m already doing lots of deep breathing and hoping I don’t forget a child anywhere today.

Last call to enter the giveaway for a DVD featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis and the work of the TCU Institute of Child Development,”Empowering, Connecting & Correcting Principles”.  Thank you for all of the great entries so far.  I’ll do a random drawing to choose a winner tomorrow.

In much happier news, we are loving our visit with Hannah and Isaiah.  Yesterday we cut our tree and last night we had fun decorating it. Two of my children had a rough evening, and it was a bit much for me – actually it was a lot much for me.  I’m praying today will be better.

A huge thank you to everyone who responded to our Tuesday Topic, Did You Give Your Adopted Children New Names?  I have enjoyed reading every single comment; I hope you have too.

Book Group friends, tomorrow I’ll post questions for our last chapter of The Whole-Brain Child.  It has been wonderful reading it with all of you.

All for this morning,