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Last night I took a look at the stats to see my top posts of the year; these twelve posts were read more than any others.

1. Tell it Well – Parts 1 – 5

My 1000th post led me to write the most profound and only important story of my life.

2. God With Us: When Christmas Eve is Not as We Expected

Christmas was not as we planned, and God was with us.

3. Dimples’ Lovely Locs

My thoughts on Dimples’ locs.

4. My Learning Curve: Blocked by Trauma

My hope that attachment leads to healing of trauma – which leads to deeper attachment.

5. Top Twenty Toys 2012 and Ten Gifts for Kids – That Aren’t Toys

My favorite gifts for kids.

6. Difficult Changes

Dimples transferred to our neighborhood school.

7. This Side of Heaven?

Will God heal our children this side of heaven?

8. 28 Years, 2 Months, 1 Day

“Sometimes our marriage is easy and joyful, other times we cling to the covenant we made so many years ago.”

9. My Learning Curve: Lessons in Liking

Learning to delight over our children – even when it takes practice.

10. I’ll Always be Mad at You

Bee tells me me she’ll be mad at me for her whole life.

11. We’re Okay

Lying next to each other one night, and this was all I could say.

12. Fragments of Dimples’ Story

We had an amazing opportunity to learn more of Dimples’ story.

The story continues in 2013 – thank you for sharing my life and letting me share yours.