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I met Julie at the Refresh Conference last year.  She and her family were preparing to move to Soddo, Ethiopia, where her husband was going to work as a pediatrician at Soddo Christian Hospital.  This was particularly exciting to me because Eby and Little Man are from Soddo, and Eby even had minor surgery there as a toddler.  When Russ and I traveled to Soddo to see where our boys were from and meet any family we could find, we stayed on the hospital compound. 

I’ve been following Julie’s blog and recently read this beautiful post: Harvest at Home.  Take a moment to read it – you’ll be glad you did.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends.


  1. shelley (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

    How ironic, I just found her blog yesterday and spent a good hour reading through past posts. It was such an encouraging blog to find. Guess I am really supposed to take this to heart! :)

    • Lisa Qualls (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

      That is amazing, Shelley. Our ties to Soddo are strong.

  2. Sharon (Reply) on Sunday 9, 2012

    Love SCH-what a great group of people working there and what an impact they are having!