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I was given the opportunity to browse through BlogHer’s Gift Guide series, choosing a few items to highlight. Since I have fallen extremely short of my goal to complete my Christmas shopping by December 1st, I thought I might find a few gift ideas to check off my list. My favorite pick was the gift of an online photography or photo editing class. No clutter, and knowledge that can be used daily – that’s my kind of gift.

Along the same line of giving a gift that boosts your knowledge, how about Rosetta Stone? Mimi has Rosetta Stone French on her wish list this year.

My last pick is from a gift guide for entrepreneurs. The author recommended a variety of ideas from office supplies to to an iphone tripod, but what really grabbed my attention was the gift of professional support for a business. What blogger (or small business owner) wouldn’t like a couple hours of a smart person’s time to fix outdated social media links or replace a tired blog banner. (If my kids read this – hint, hint.) A particularly fantastic suggestion was an iphone, “with bling potential while also being a true productivity tool….” (If Russ reads this – super hint, hint, hint.)

In other Christmas news, we took a Christmas picture of our kids on Saturday – on a windy, 45 degree day, in the last 30 minutes of sunlight. It was not especially fun, but Isaiah worked his magic on the image and created a great Christmas card. I’ll share it later this week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.

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  1. Laurel (Reply) on Wednesday 5, 2012

    Love the idea of an online photog. class. I have 2 kids that might really enjoy that.

    I've had my iPhone for a little over a year and I LOVE it. :) Out of 13 adults in our family (us, big kids, their spouses), 12 of us have iPhones. Hubby and I were actually the 5th & 6th to get them.

    Thanks for the great gift ideas.

  2. Gift Baskets (Reply) on Wednesday 5, 2012


    I love this idea and I just have to do this for my girl's teacher. Awesome! Have a great day!