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It’s early Monday morning and life feels all topsy-turvy.  In my blog life, I should be pounding out a brilliant post, but in real life, my sinuses are wiping me out and I can’t quite get a handle on how this week is going to come together.  Jumping back into life after being out of town is always a challenge for me, add being sick yesterday, and all in all, I have no idea what today holds.

My homeschoolers are excited because, in a burst of enthusiasm, I told them we were going to start a family running club today.  My plan is very small and simple, put on sneakers and run down our road a little bit, then turn around and run back. Of course, I thought I would surely feel much better today, and hopefully that will prove to be true, but it remains to be seen.  Honeybee and Dimples are glad to be escaping my big idea, but I told them they can join the fun when school is out; they didn’t seem very excited.

We had a good trip to Seattle.  There was no snow on Snoqualmie Pass (!!!), Ladybug and Sunshine had a two day visit with cousins, Isaiah was a great co-pilot, and Honeybee and Dimples did fine on the drive.  Thursday brought us five appointments at Seattle Children’s, including an echocardiogram for Isaiah.  We expect it to be completely normal, but he had a few odd things come up over the past few months and the doctor wanted to be thorough.  Honeybee and Dimples had blood draws, shots, and multiple appointments, all of which went fine.  We love our doctors at Seattle Children’s.

We had a wonderful time with my friend, Kathleen, and her family. We even did a little shopping, which Isaiah loved, as you can see.

Thursday morning I head to Denver for the Empowered to Connect Conference, which is going to be wonderful.  It’s especially nice for me that we have one conference in the west since I live so far removed from most big cities.  I’m looking forward to seeing so many great friends in Denver!  At the moment, it is hard for me to imagine how I will get everything organized before I leave, but one way or another, it will come together.

Ladybug has a track meet today in Lewiston, Sunshine gets her braces on tomorrow in Spokane, and the school year is racing to a finish.  It’s going to be a big week.

I  think I had better pray and drink coffee before the kids descend.  Have a great Monday, friends.


  1. Julianne R. (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Awesome…Thank you for the update on your ever busy life. Will be praying for you as you present at the Empowered to Connect Conference. God be with you ;-)

  2. KCW (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Yay for topsy turvy lives. And I can't wait to hear about the running club.

    • Lisa Qualls (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

      We had mixed success – everyone loved it, until Little Man got tired and then it was a bit of a struggle. We're definitely going to try again on Wednesday.

  3. Jennie (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Pausing to pray for your big week. Exciting to think of the impact and hope that the Denver conference will bring. May the God who created us for connection and relationship use the wisdom and experiences shared to help and equip many parents and caregivers of kids from hard places!

    • Lisa Qualls (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

      Jennie, thank you so much. That is exactly what we hope the Lord will do at the conference.

  4. Emily (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    This made me smile because it sounds so much like my Monday did. So, I'm praying for you four days later–that the week finishes on the same desperate clinging to grace, that love covers much, and that your trip preparation comes together with some gracious assistance from those blessed to love you and your family.

  5. Laurel (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Hoping your time in Denver is BLESSED!

    Whenever / if ever you have a free moment, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts/insight into an Adoption Parenting Challenge I shared on my blog today "Conflict Avoidance".



  6. Sleepyknitter (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Hi, Lisa! I'm actually commenting on your ETC post, "Messy Lives," as there wasn't room to comment over there. Thank you for the good, timely article — lots of helpful insights and "fellowship" in the journey. Blessings! –Sleepy

  7. shannon2818 (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Love the photo of Isaiah – and the running club idea!

  8. Barb (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

    Thank you for coming to Denver – what a blessing the entire conference was!
    Barb (in WY)

    • Lisa Qualls (Reply) on Monday 16, 2012

      Barb, you are so welcome. It was a wonderful conference and I'm thankful that I get to play a small part in it.