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Carrying the Christmas tree up through our pasture at sunset - I'm thankful for this picture.

Carrying the Christmas tree through our pasture at sunset – I’m thankful for this picture and the joy of that moment.

giving thanks #1231-1240

wind, I’m trying to be thankful for hours and hours of very loud wind

coffee dripping into the pot right this moment

a good trip with Bee and Dimples (more on that soon)

unexpected time with good friends

good medical appointments for both  girls

Russ making progress on the barn

Isaiah’s birthday tomorrow

family dinner – keeping it simple today

morning reading in my quiet corner

Hannah coming to visit in less than a week

Sometimes gratitude doesn’t come easily, and that’s when it’s most important. This took effort this morning. I wasn’t going to post anything, but I need to declare my thanks to God for the amazing and constant kindness he shows to me.

It’s time for me to wake my family and get ready for church. I hope your day has pockets of joy, friends, and if you find it lacking, join me in finding ten things to be thankful for.