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This year we had the satisfaction of cutting a tree from our own tree farm and carrying it up through the pasture to the house.  Russ actually grows landscape trees, but they’ve grown larger and we needed to thin them a little.

We went out in the pouring rain to find a tree and Sunshine helped Russ cut it.  Eby was pretty interested in the saw – nervous at first, and then a little wild.


Then they carried it up to the house and put it on the porch until evening when everyone was home to decorate it with the special ornaments they’ve received over the years.

I hope this is the beginning of a new tradition.

Question: Do you have a Christmas tree?  What are your traditions?


  1. Emily (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012


  2. Mary (Owlhaven) (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    How fun! We have had a fake tree for years (one of our sons is allergic to pine) and we set it up the weekend after Thanksgiving every year. This year one of our college sons was even here to help, which made it even more fun for the younger ones.
    Mary, momma to many

  3. Laura (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    As you know, cutting a Christmas tree is a big deal in the Sutton household. It involves boots, a saw, and a trip to Starbucks on the way home. Only one year have we not gotten a tree—last year and I am still hearing about it from Madeleine who was 18 at the time. We went to Virginia for Drew's graduation from JMU and were going to be gone for 10 days and returning on Christmas Eve. She was so sad about not getting a tree that I bought her a cute tree shirt at Target that she wore on the trip. Madeleine also had us take her picture with every Christmas tree we saw—the national tree, the WA state tree, the tree at Monticello etc….. She can hardly wait for Caleb to come home from Idaho to get one next week. If only Drew were coming from VA it would be complete.

  4. Ellen (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    It's lovely to see more of your home! Thank you for sharing.

    As a child, my favorite and strongest Christmas memories are of our trips to Wiswell's Christmas Tree Farm. Mom would pack hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, and my brothers and I would compete to see who could find the family tree. Mine was chosen 2 years in a row! Great bragging rights. :)

    My husband and I live in the desert now, making a live tree impractical. We got a great artificial (it's not fake! it's real! just not * living* ;) tree during a killer after-Christmas sale our first year here. We set it up as soon after Thanksgiving as we can. Since it doesn't get cold here, we use as many visual markers as we can to remind of us the change in season. Our tree is pre-lit, and that's a great time-saver. I also appreciate the lack of needle litter and that I don't have to water it.

    I treasure my childhood memories of trees from a farm, and I'm grateful for the new traditions that we're building with our own children.

  5. Laurel (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    We go to a Christmas Tree farm every year to get our trees. Yes. Plural. We buy 2 trees every year. Mama gets a small tree in the living room for her cute red and white country decorations . . . while the kids get a BIG tree in the rec. room for all of their ornaments. We buy each child a new ornament every year. With a dozen children over 28 years, that is a LOT of ornaments. Sadly, my 16 year old told me the other day that we won't be needing a BIG tree this year. We only have 4 kids at home this year (and none of the big kids will be joining us for Christmas). Decorating a small tree with only 4 kids' ornaments will be very different this weekend.

    While decorating, we play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate.

    :) :) :)

  6. Hannah Jasmine Tucker (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    Loved this! We've always had an artificial tree, and our tradition has been to put it up the evening after Thanksgiving while drinking cider and snacking on crackers and cheeseball and poppers. Of course, some years it doesn't quite work out to do the same way, most notably the year that my just-younger-than-me brother was born; Mom insisted we weren't putting up the tree until AFTER he was born. :o)

  7. Paula Miles Spears (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    A tree farm? Honestly, you have everything. I am definitely making a trip to your house someday. :)

  8. Nancy (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    What a treat to have it right there in your own back yard! I wish we had something other than Home Depot Christmas trees here, but such is the life of living in the desert.

  9. Sharon (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    I love this post-and a glimpse of your home. Lovely. We took a short drive to a nearby tree farm while it was snowing this weekend.

  10. Joelle (Reply) on Friday 7, 2012

    Love the last picture of my brother. That is a look of pure joy!!!