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Since I started blogging in the spring of 2006, I’ve written many posts and I hate to think you’re missing out on some of my favorites, so below are my top twelve.

  1. Meditations on a Messy Life
  2. This post poured out of me one afternoon when I was struggling – it must have struck a chord because it is my most popular post.

  3. This Could Have Been My Life
  4. No more regrets.

  5. You Broke My Heart
  6. A poignant and convicting “mommy moment” with Eby.

  7. Not That Special
  8. I’ll never take her place.

  9. My Learning Curve: Restorative Sabbatical
  10. A four-part series on how Russ regained his hope and courage in our life as adoptive parents.

  11. My Learning Curve: When the Truth Brings Sorrow
  12. Grief is a big part of Honeybee’s journey since her adoption at almost ten years old.

  13. Walking Humbly
  14. Humility is not for sissies.

  15. My Learning Curve: Wearing Love
  16. Helping Eby feel close to Mom and Dad.

  17. Their Pain, Not Mine
  18. Recognizing my children’s suffering in the process of adoption

  19. The Marathon of Therapeutic Parenting
  20. This is definitely not a sprint — we’re in it for the long haul.

  21. Before I Knew She was Mine
  22. Reflections on God’s plan to add Honeybee to our family.

  23. My Learning Curve: Burned Out Yet?
  24. Seven ways to avoiding burn out as parents.