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We had a therapy appointment yesterday and I was reminded that it is time for an update on EMDR therapy.  I think we’re making progress…. I hesitate to even say it, because these things are slow moving, and the road to healing is hilly and winding.  Yet, there seems to be a little more ability to cope with challenges.  It’s been good having Hannah home because, after six months away, she can see it more clearly.  She commented that while we still have daily, and sometimes hourly, challenges, they don’t seem to get quite so extreme.

Today I’m having a hard time feeling hopeful, but fortunately, God has enough hope for me and I trust him completely.

I planned to write my last post about The Whole-Brain Child today, but with a trip to Coeur d’Alene yesterday for therapy and Costco, and getting home at 9:30 last night, I ran short on time.  I look forward to posting it, most likely, next week. By the way, this is what my porch looked like when we drove up the driveway – it made me happy.

The winner of the  DVD featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis and the work of the TCU Institute of Child Development,”Empowering, Connecting & Correcting Principles”, is #77, Patty.  Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who entered; it was so fun that I plan to do another giveaway soon.  If you want to jump back into the excitement, my friend Mary, of Owlhaven, is hosting a BlogHer sweepstakes for a Mary Kay gift basket.  Head over to enter; I plan to enter as soon as I post this.  I also get one entry for posting it here on my blog, if you are a blogger, you can do the same.

Question: Have you ever won a contest?

Have a great Thursday, friends.


  1. SleepyKnitter (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    :-) Yes! Just a couple weeks ago, Urban Servant did a giveaway, and I who never wins anything won a wonderful, soft, wildly purple pillow slip that is perfect for a restless, stress-filled, sleepless night.

  2. Kaci (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    I needed to hear to day that "God has enough hope for me." Thanks!

  3. Char (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    My husband is heavy and is trying very hard to lose weight, but the pounds are very, very slow to shed. He has been working hard at weight loss for 2 years now. Such is his slow metabolism that he has sometimes actually gained weight, despite his diet and workout regimen. Yesterday, at a weigh-in, he saw that he had lost only one ounce – negligible, really. I was disappointed for him, as I know how much he has been working without much progress. He said, "at least it's moving in the right direction."

    If you can see that Dimples is moving in the right direction in her healing, that is what to celebrate. She may never get to her "goal weight," but she can make steps toward it. Even a pound (or ounce) lost is something. God bless.

  4. Emily (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    The house is beautiful.

  5. Laurel (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    Wanted to tell you . . .

    the book that I recommended on my blog the other day "Until We All Come Home" . . . the author (mother) actually had PTSD after her harrowing year long adoption experience in Ukraine (she was assaulted, robbed, arrested, etc . . .). When she got home, she actually went through EMDR therapy herself.

    You should visit her website:

    • Lisa Qualls (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

      Thank you, Laurel. I took a quick look at her site yesterday, but didn't spend enough time to see that she had used EMDR. I'll definitely go back and read more.

  6. Rebekah (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    I needed this: "Today I’m having a hard time feeling hopeful, but fortunately, God has enough hope for me and I trust him completely." Thanks for being so honest. It is so helpful for us adoptive moms! Thank you! And I have been blessed to "win" today at the chiropractor. We didn't have the funds for my little girl to be seen and they can't file our insurance because she was not referred b her primary doctor. The chiropractor saw her and adjusted her for FREE! So while I may never win any contests I enter, I win in other little ways! ha!

  7. Paula Miles Spears (Reply) on Thursday 6, 2012

    Yay for even small and slow moving improvement!