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Welcome to One Thankful Mom, where I share my thoughts on life as a wife of 30 years, and the mother of twelve children. We are an adoptive family whose lives have been forever changed by the blessing of our four Ethiopian children.

As we wind our way through the challenges of attachment, trauma, healing, and life, I share what I am learning in the hope of helping other families. I earnestly believe in the power of God to heal my children’s broken hearts and I am privileged to participate in the process.

I write about adoption, attachment and trauma, Sensory Processing Disorder, my twenty-three years of homeschooling, marriage, life with a large family, and just about anything else that interests me.

I hope to encourage women in their marriages, in mothering, and in following God’s calling for their lives.

I am honored to speak at conferences and retreats as time allows, and have had my writing published in various places online and in magazines.

My life is an amazing journey filled with moderate successes and some brilliant failures, all covered by the grace of Jesus Christ. May the lessons I learn benefit you as I humbly offer them through One Thankful Mom.

Blessed beyond measure,

Lisa Qualls - One Thankful Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, or just to avoid repeating myself, I have created this FAQ page.

Comments and Emails

Your comments and emails make my day; I appreciate knowing that my words are not drifting out into thin air. While I love reading every email I receive, my time on the computer is limited. My children expect to be taught, fed, clothed, and my house doesn’t seem to clean itself. I wish I could answer every email, but I’m not often able to send a personal response. I apologize profusely for being unable to reply.

As the mother of children with trauma/attachment challenges and Sensory Processing Disorder, I share my experiences and thoughts about our road toward healing. I write my own thoughts and interpretations of what we are learning in therapy. I am not a therapist, I am simply a mom who wants to help other parents. Please sift through my thoughts and use only what you believe would be beneficial to your child.

(If you are interested in publishing my work, or have any other professional inquiries, please email me at