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I have so much to share with you – about driving past the site of the accident for the first time, about today being the four month anniversary of Kalkidan going to heaven, of how tears are so close today…but what I’m going to tell you about is the fun we had yesterday with our kids. The other topics can wait a day or two.

Eby turns ten this Thursday and that’s a big birthday in our family. We always celebrate as a family, but the kids get a party when they turn five, ten, and fifteen. Thursday is packed with school and family events, and I couldn’t figure out how to even squeeze in a family dinner. Instead, yesterday we rented a room at a local hotel and celebrated poolside.


Russ traveled to California for a meeting this week. It was the first time he’d been away since the accident and I was a little anxious about it. It’s not that life is terribly hard, it’s more that we are leaning hard on one another. I often rest my head on his chest and breathe; I need to feel connected, hear his heartbeat, and borrow a little of his strength.

We’ve experienced so much in our years together – since we were seniors in high school. We’ve had many challenges and faced everything we promised in our marriage vows: better and worse, richer and poorer, sickness and health. Thirty years of marriage have allowed us to experience the highest heights and lowest lows.

Yoga and Coffee

Spring semester is winding down, projects are wrapping up and finals are looming in the near future.  Isaiah had a little hiccup this semester that is still making me laugh, so (with his permission) I just have to share. The caveat is that I’m probably going to miss some important details and when Isaiah reads it, he’ll […]

Just a Note

I don’t often post short bits here, most often they show up on my One Thankful Mom Facebook page, but today I’ve felt sad all day long. Maybe it’s because yesterday’s post was hard – and maybe because I wonder if people think we’re crazy to have done things the way we did. I don’t […]

Remembering Moments Part 6

Remembering Moments Part 1 | Remembering Moments Part 2 | Remembering Moments Part 3 | Remembering Moments Part 4 | Remembering Moments Part 5 With tears running down our cheeks we held hands in the back seat as our friend slowly drove us home. It was snowing lightly and I was nervous to be in a car […]

Sometimes You Need a Friend

For the past few years, Claire has been asking for a puppy. She’s done her research, and even volunteers at a veterinary clinic. Life was too full and difficult to consider adding one more thing to our lives, so we said no. Then the accident happened and we lost Kalkidan, Claire’s closest companion. Kalkidan had […]

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