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Last night began a three-day school conference extravaganza. With six kids at five schools, it requires a flow chart to figure out where and when each conference is being held. Each of the kids has more than one teacher, so there are lots of conversations to be had.

I thought I had communicated some of my children’s unique needs fairly well through the school counselors, but last night it became apparent that I should have connected more directly with the teachers.

All of the kids are doing well in school – who knew it would be such a good adjustment? But one of my  sweet ones is struggling and barely passing a math class. This child’s other grades are quite good, except for this class.

I miss these faces!

I miss these faces!

I’m on my way home to Russ and my sweet ones this morning. This time with my extended family has been very dear to me and I’m glad I came. I’m in that funny space of being sad for this to end and totally ready to be home again and jump back into life. Too bad it takes so many hours to get all the way back across the country.

With all of this vacation fun, I forget to post a reminder of my giveaway for Mary Ostyn’s new book Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting.

Waking Up in Virginia

I woke up this morning in Richmond, Virginia. I won’t complain about the delayed flights (even the one that departed three hours late) because I’ve flown to Africa more than once, and those are looooooong flights and very tiring days. My nephew is getting married tomorrow; he is my sister, Laura’s, oldest son. I assumed […]

Sunday Night Popcorn and a Family Show

We have a Sunday night tradition we all enjoy. Since we have our big dinner with the entire family in the afternoon, our evening meal is usually popcorn, cheese, and fruit. I like this for about 25 different reasons, one of which is that the kids make it themselves, and there is nearly no clean-up. […]

Two Months Home

Today marks two months since I made my last trip to Montana and brought Dimples back with me. Since that day Dimples has moved home, transitioned to a new school, played a season of volleyball, joined the youth group, and made new friends. She has reconnected with special people who were part of her support […]

Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting (and a Book Giveaway)

Owlhaven is one of the very first blogs I read when we were beginning our adoption journey. Mary Ostyn, has been writing Owlhaven a few months longer than I’ve been writing One Thankful Mom. Over the years we’ve become friends and a few weekends ago we spent three days together on a retreat with a small […]