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mary ostyn

Owlhaven is one of the very first blogs I read when we were beginning our adoption journey. Mary Ostyn, has been writing Owlhaven a few months longer than I’ve been writing One Thankful Mom. Over the years we’ve become friends and a few weekends ago we spent three days together on a retreat with a small group of other adoptive moms.

Last spring Mary asked if I would read her new book, Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting, and if I liked it,  write an endorsement. I was so honored – and so busy, with Noah and Katie’s wedding coming up. It took me a couple of weeks, but once I sat down to read, I couldn’t stop. I know my friends are amazing, so I expected to like Mary’s book, but I had no idea just how fantastic it would be.

photo credit: samuel qualls

photo credit: samuel qualls

giving thanks #1511 – 1520

a Saturday that stretched before us – no travel, meetings, or appointments

warm weather while we worked in the yard 

Russ’ happiness at a day spent outdoors

kids cheerfully (for the most part) working with us

Not Quite What I Hoped For

  Two days at UW, multiple appointments, testing, interviews, and finally a team meeting around the conference table. The final report – Eby’s sensory differences are significant, he has some speech challenges , and trauma is still a big factor influencing his life. As I listened to the team talk about their findings, my hope […]

Sunday Gratitude 10.12.14

giving thanks #1491 – 1510 major progress on prepping for our garage remodel folks from our care group who spent hours working with us yesterday a nearly empty (for the first time in 15 years) garage storage bins on clearance gathering as a family last night to celebrate Little Man’s 8th birthday (which is tomorrow)

Attachment: We Serve, We Love, God Heals

  Well, that was quite a surprise. I didn’t expect yesterday’s post, Have We Made Attachment an Idol, to gain so much  attention; in fact when I clicked the “publish” button, I was nervous about how it would be received. Apparently it struck a chord with many of you who have pondered this as well. I […]

Have We Made Attachment an Idol?

I spent last weekend with a small group of adoptive moms who are all ministry leaders; the time was deeply meaningful. Our conversations were rich, faith-filled, and honest. What a relief it was to know that we are not alone in our challenges, purposes, and joys. One topic we wrestled with is attachment. We have all studied […]