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photo credit: Phil Hamer

photo credit: Phil Hamer

Russ got home Tuesday night, went to work all day Wednesday, and was asleep by 7:30 last night. He had a great trip, with two wells drilled and lots of progress made on the water projects. Even with my crazy medical stuff, the kids and I weathered his trip very well.

This feels like the first “normal” day in awhile, so I’ll catch you up on a few things.

I talked with Dimples’ therapist today and we are planning her next home visit. This trip with be longer, Friday through Tuesday, and she will not be accompanied by a staff member.

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Today’s Tuesday Topic is from Melissa, who asks,

How do we help our kids love the skin they’re in? My eight year old daughter (adopted from Africa as a baby) wrote me the sweetest letter and picture yesterday saying she loves me with all her heart and she’s glad I’m her mom, and she drew a cute picture of her and me by a castle. I told her I loved the letter and something about how I loved the picture of mommy, and her with her beautiful brown skin. She dropped her eyes (not for the first time) and said “I wish my skin was white.”

Pressing the Pause Button

There’s nothing like spending four days on the critical care unit of a hospital to prompt me to examine my life. Too much time in my day is revolving around my health – doctors, blood draws, and medications that make me feel crummy, but this has caused me to press the pause button on my […]

The Garment of Humility – a Hospital Gown

I spent nearly four days in a hospital gown and it gave me pause. It was uncomfortable, in the bed where it twisted around me, and even more so when I was out of bed , holding it tightly closed with one hand on the way to the bathroom. I felt vulnerable and exposed. One […]

My Slightly Broken Heart Part 2

This story was long, too long for a blog post, despite the fact that I tried to make it concise, so I broke it into two parts, intending to post them one day after another. In retrospect, I realize that while I know the whole story, it is unkind to leave you all hanging. So […]

My Slightly Broken Heart Part 1

I’ll begin this post with the end of the story. I did not have open-heart surgery. However, I’m ¬†pretty certain this was the most expensive, complex, and strange weekend of my life. It all started on Friday when I woke at 3:45 am with a heavy weight in my chest and the sense that something […]