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I didn’t know how hard this would be to write, so I’m going to write it quickly with minimal editing and publish it.

Remembering Moments Part 1 | Remembering Moments Part 2 | Remembering Moments Part 3

We held on and cried, whispering comfort to each other. A nurse came in and asked Russ if we wanted to see Kalkidan, and without hesitation we said, “Yes.”

They wheeled my bed into a room where Kalkidan was lying on another bed. She was covered to her shoulders with blankets; her left arm was uncovered. There was a tube in her mouth, but otherwise, her face looked beautiful. I reached out to touch her arm and hand. With the brace on my neck and my other injuries, I was nearly unable to move. We hugged, cried, Russ stroked her face and hair.


After school snack with our therapy guinea pig.

After school snack with our therapy guinea pig.

I began writing the next section in my Remembering Moments series and realized that my memories are all so confused that I need Russ to help me sort it out. That conversation is going to take some emotional space that we haven’t had the last few days, so I’ll pause and post Part 4 as soon as it’s done.

We’ve had a couple of emotional days. On Monday Russ went to the middle school to pay athletic fees for Claire to participate in track.

Remembering Moments Part 3

Writing this is becoming more difficult. I’m struck by the large gaps in my memory and the time that is completely gone. I also know that soon I’m going to tell you about losing Kalkidan, and that is unbearable. I’ll press on. Remembering Moments Part 1 | Remembering Moments Part 2 I have a vague […]

Sunday Gratitude 3.22.15

giving thanks #1631 – 1640 coffee with a friend while kids played – it’s been awhile great hand-me-down baseball cleats for both boys

A Place to Gather

Thank you for your kind and supportive words as I share the story of the accident and our loss of Kalkidan. I’ve written the next section, but I want Russ to read it before I publish – while I’m writing only my memories, I need to be sure that I’m telling it as well as I […]

Remembering Moments Part 2

It is simultaneously so hard, and so healing to write this. You can find part 1 of the story here: Remembering Moments Part 1. We stopped briefly at the bottom of the driveway while I put a stack of Christmas cards in the mailbox. After driving one mile into town for gas, we turned and […]