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Annarose’s senior year of high school is just about to begin. Rather than use a prepared booklist and lesson plan for literature, I’m putting together a list of “Books you Should Read Before Graduating  from High School.”

You’re a bunch of smart folks, so what book(s) would you recommend? I’d like to get a broad range of suggestions, so bring them on!


Some people plan couple’s massages. Not us, we like being a little different (as you may have noticed), so we scheduled couple’s colonoscopies. One of the perks of turning 50 is paying better attention to our health. Having an oncology nurse for one of my best friends hasn’t given me wiggle room with things like mammograms or now this – the dreaded colonoscopy.

We could have done our colonoscopies separately, but we chose to have them “cheek to cheek” rather than lose two weekends to this loveliness.

Jen Hatmaker’s Book, Interrupted, (and a Giveaway)

When Jen Hatmaker writes a book, you just might want to read it. Sometime in mid-July, before we left for Whidbey Island, I was offered the opportunity to read and review the newly updated edition of Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity. It seemed perfect at the time; the book would arrive before we […]

I Could Almost Laugh (or Just Cry)

We arrived home at midnight, and in our caffeine-fueled state, Russ and I stayed up until 1:00 am unloading the van. This morning came a little too early for me, but I was eager to sit down and write some deep reflections on the things I learned while we were away. Before I began, I […]

Moving Through the Gray

It’s Monday morning and I’m in the gray place of transition – from Whidbey Island to home, vacation to reality, and summer to school. My mind is full of lists: chore charts, lesson plans, schedules, goals for each child, dinner menus, house plans, and any number of other things. Are you with me? Are you […]

A Quick Hello

Hi friends! I’m still on a break from regular blogging, but have to say I miss writing and I miss all of you. Since it’s early in the morning and everyone is sleeping, I’m making a quick visit to my blog. Last week we had all of our big kids here together and it was […]