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In a recent comment, a reader asked if I’ve written much about siblings and I realized that, although I’ve spoken on the topic, I haven’t published much about the impact of adopting children from “hard places” on children already in the family. This article was originally published on another site, which explains the more formal tone, and it’s quite long, so I’m breaking it into two parts.

She was four years old.  Each night she woke with a tummy ache and most often went to her parents’ bed hoping for some relief.  Lying next to her mother gave her comfort, but the pain didn’t stop.  A doctor finally determined she had a stomach ulcer and treated her.  The pain went away, but her mother worried about the stress she was enduring at this young age.

K loves fall out

On Wednesdays I go to my vault of posts (there are 1700, friends!), and share a My Learning Curve post from the past. Today’s post is from June 2009, when we had just begun traveling to Seattle for therapy with Deborah Gray.

As the family cleared the table last night, Kalkidan began drawing a picture similar to one her therapist had drawn. She talked about the ways her heart was broken. Then she drew many small hearts spilling out of the broken heart. Her therapist had explained that when a child’s heart is broken, her mommy and daddy can try to fill it up with loves, but the loves keep falling out and the child never feels that she has enough. Once a child’s heart is healed, the loves can fill her whole heart.

Tuesday Topic: How do You Maintain Contact with Siblings?

This question was lost in the recesses of my inbox until today. It’s an important topic for many of us as we seek to parent our children well. How do you maintain sibling contact with your child(ren) who have multiple siblings adopted to multiple families. My 4 adopted children have at least 12 siblings adopted […]

He Was There

Last week I wrote about my fear of driving past the site of the accident; thank you for extending grace to me as I process my grief.  I was carried by your prayers and the Lord met me in such a sweet and powerful way. My plan was to go a new route in order to […]

Sunday Gratitude 8.30.15

giving thanks #1671 – 1680 Isaiah arriving today for a ten day visit a great first week of college for Annarose date night with Russ for the first time in ages

Christmas Ornaments and Culinary School

I went to bed last night knowing that today would be the 27th, eight months since the accident. I know I’m not exactly attracting readers to my blog by writing more about grief; I told myself – once a week at the most – but I can’t do anything else today, I just can’t. Thanks […]

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